The CHIKARA Special
In regards to Sinn Bodhi’s appearance on CHIKARA’s “Pre-Show-A-Go-Go” at KING OF TRIOS 2011…

Last week, many fans expressed disdain for comments made by Sinn “Kizarny” Bodhi during CHIKARA’s recent stream of “Pre-Show-A-Go-Go” prior toKing of Trios 2011 officially starting.

Over the weekend, we had the chance to address this with Kizarny, to understand exactly what was behind these comments.

To clear the air, Sinn Bodhi did not know Larry Sweeney, did not know the circumstances of his untimely passing, or any of the issues Sweeney faced in his too-short time on this Earth. 

Bodhi, in several wrestling organizations (although not at CHIKARA) is often nicknamed “The Bi-Polar Birthday Clown,” as a means of differentiating Sinn Bodhi from the WWE creation, Kizarny. He alludes to this in many of his media appearances, and was not meant as an allusion to someone he did not know or interact with. His manic adjusting of his necktie, a la Rodney Dangerfield, is not new either, but something he can be seen doing in numerous videos all over the web.

Furthermore, having just endured the crippling effects suicide can have on someone, Bodhi vehemently expressed to us that the LAST thing he would choose to make light of is someone who took their own life. Bodhi’s best friend and fellow professional wrestler, Shawn “Badseed” McGrath, committed suicide earlier this year. 

Sinn Bodhi will address the fans in attendance on May 21st in Easton, regarding this exact matter.

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